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:::Veröffentlichung der zweiten Trio Cd: ´Equilibrium´:::

Benedikt Jahnel TRIO - Equilibrium

Equilibrium Band

ECM 2251: "Under direction of the eponymous German pianist, the Trio marshals two of the New York contemporary jazz scene’s brightest—bassist Antonio Miguel (by way of Spain) and Owen Howard (by way of Canada)—who share his penchant for strong dynamic twists, meticulous rhythms, and lyrical touch. ...Zen groove aesthetic... Jahnel is both the voice of reason and its crumbling philosophies. Without question, among ECM’s Top 5 releases of 2012." (Tyran Grillo, ecmreviews.com, Juni 2013)

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Benedikt Jahnel - Piano (D)
Antonio Miguel - Bass (ES)
Owen Howard - Drums (CA)